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Luxury Home & Apartment Complex Swimming Pools by POOL BOYS. Serving Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma in the designing, consulting, and construction phases of some of the worlds finest luxurious and relaxing swimming pools ever seen for over 25 years. We take imagination to new levels with our world renowned design teams and exploration of new and never chartered waters. Pool Boys will help you escape the world of adulthood and bring out your most inner child with enchanting water features and towering rock formations that will leave everyone speechless. We are not just any ordinary construction company that specializes in AMAZING SWIMMING POOLS!!! We  are the number one company that specializes in THE MOST AMAZING SWIMMING POOLS YOU WILL EVER SEE!!!

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We are here to serve and fulfill the dreams of your most luxurious paradise ever imagined…

………………………………………………….ONE DROP AT A TIME…

There are many companies to choose from when considering the new construction of your family’s backyard, apartment complex, or resort swimming pool. No matter how large or small the oasis design, we strive to overachieve the construction traditional practices of Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana state code requirements. A swimming pool may look like a swimming pool, but the true integrity of the construction lies withing the walls and strength of the concrete. Many companies shoot what is called gunite another form of concrete. Gunite is premixed concrete that arrives in large trucks and is compressed to increase it’s industrial strength of a minimum 4,000 psi. Pool Boys injects this premix with fibers and add special ratio mixes of bonding agents to increase this strength to exceed 5,000 psi. Our walls and floors surpass the code requirement of 6 inch walls to a whopping 10 inches wall thickness and the floors 12 inches! Additionally if you ask any pool company what size rebar is used in there practices of swimming pool construction they will respond with, 1/2 inch #4 rebar. Pool Boys has made it a normal practice to utilize 3/4 inch #5 rebar! Also instead of tying rebar 12 inches on center like we have seen in many construction builds, Pool Boys shortens the width to 9 inches on center. After all is said and done, your swimming pool will be standing within an amazing psi strength of close to 7,200!!!! Now that’s true engineering!

Now I understand that this may sound like a foreign language to you, but using a quote by GE Reaves Engineering; a Structural & Civil Engineering with Land Survey Services based out of Texas about the designs and construction practices of Pool Boys.

“I wish all pool construction companies would build like this! It sure makes my job a whole lot easier and it definitely benefits the customer to know that they are receiving a product that is going to last them for life! Outstanding job hands down!”

Robert (30 year structural engineer)